Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Little Engine That Blogged

I'm no NYCM, so I'm not savvy in the publishing world (although I worked in it as an editorial assistant for a wicked, awful, crazy editor), and I don't even know the fashion world hardly (I set my own trends and so should you), but I am obsessed with this blog.

It is a major distraction to me, when I should be writing a business plan or designing the doggie treat pouch for a friend who is a dog trainer, but I'm on the street thinking up the next title for the next post.

Encouragement from friends yields posts about exercising at work, my review of War of the Worlds that I saw because Boyfriend worked on it, bikini waxes, etc. So, there you have it. Me carrying out my fantasy of editing a magazine, when all I intended this blog to do was to promote my designs. In case you get bored of me, I hope you can pick up tips along the way, like what shoes to wear with white pants.


New York City Mouse said...

You're darling!

PS: I am wearing the pleats again.

Mista said...

Again!? We've discussed this! No to the pleats! All that work at the gym will only be masked by the bulge created by the pleats. Whatever ambitions little seamstress that invented them should have her sewing machine removed!