Sunday, February 07, 2010

House Pictures - Livin' in the Vision

Hey Guys,
Ok, so here are some house pictures, to put to rest the "mystery house" it has now been dubbed by some. ;)

1.) I am lazy and did not make pans, so you are getting slices of visions. David, on the other hand, would have taken 3 pictures for every 1 wide angle shot, and merged them together for you. That's why he's the professional locations manager.

2.) I put this off because not everything is perfect yet. We are 90% unpacked (which yes, drove me straight into a massage because this pregnant body became so stiff and sore), but it was worth it. But there are things we'd like to change, and...yada yada yada. But otherwise, it has been like moving into a clean, fresh canvas, ready for embellishments.

3.) It's too cold to go outside to take any pictures. We got no snow from that latest storm in DC and elsewhere. Not one flake.

Welcome to our home. This picture is if you walked into the front door, and could go left into the living room, straight into the kitchen, or up the stairs.

"The reverse" of that last shot. That is the front door that is always nice and sunny in the morning. Gerdy prefers to go outside to the front yard as opposed to the back, so she's out on the porch right now. On the left is our front hall closet, and on the right is our attempt to catch shoes, but we hope to get something like a shelving unit or something better to put our mittens and keys and dog leashes on.

If you took a left at the stairs, you'd be in the living room. Cumphy, we think. And yes, both of those couches and the table were in our NYC apartment. You know what? We did need to leave behind a giant piece - my boudoir thing that held the TV, several drawers, and shelving for books. It was too massive to get out of the building! Wouldn't go down either fire escape stairs or the elevator. I have no idea how it got into the apartment, as it was given to me by a woman who had movers who wanted to place it. Our movers would have had to take extra hours to dis and re-assemble it. Now the next person in the apartment can have it just the same.

The dining room. This is the view from standing in the kitchen. And that door you see with china on display leads to...

A secret china closet! I put Gerdy's food in there, but Oliver already took advantage of when the door was left open, and ate his way into the bag. Darn him.

This is the kitchen. It is spacious, and to the right which you can't see, is a wall that David wants to "take down that wall" to open it up to the living room. For now...we are oddly at a loss for some drawers. We only have 1.5 drawers. The kitchen in our NYC apartment actually was generous with tall cabinets and drawers, so we had to get creative until we make some bigger decisions about what to do with this space that does not have drawers...As you can see, it's coffee time.

Gerdy, you blinked! This is the cat door to the basement that Oliver had to try out a few times before he felt comfortable. Luckily, he is not too huge to get through it. This leads to the basement, which exists in our minds as a workout room for David and a craft studio for Katie. Right now, it holds boxes and items to be moved to the Garage Sale that we will have come Spring. So no pictures yet. But. It *does* have a washer and dryer! Nothing could be more fun than that.

The reverse of the kitchen. We might replace that bookshelf of pots with an actual couter top situation, as the previous owners had it, but we need to decide on the overall look for the kitchen first. I'm kind of digging that greenish/blue shelf with the red pots...would be an extreme inspiration for something colorful, but I'm not sure David would go for that. So, we shall see...Many magazines to come for that look. That door at the ends leads to...

The office/sunroom. This is the office, and those bags are chocolates from our local chocolatier. Whew hew! I'm trying to keep it clean. My desk used to incorporate a lot of full time things on it, like a file box, bullitin board, inbox folder, etc. So I'm trying it with almost nothing on it, and I'm kind of liking...There are windows all around this room, in the shape of an L, so it's quite nice, and looks onto...

The backyard. To the left is a tool shed which is fantastic. We love it. Though we're not the handiest people around, it inspires us to learn. ;)


Upstairs is my dressing room because the master bedroom has no closets. I did this mirror shot because it's a pretty small room, and I couldn't capture the whole thing. This dresser is one of several of my trash picks, so it will do for now. I'll probably re-paint it.

Sorry, but yes, this is the baby room. Moving on.


Man room. This is the 3rd bedroom, serving as a guest bedroom and David's closet. We'll see about how to make it a guest room and a man room at the same time...

Bedroom. Ignore the taped on window covering. Still under construction in our minds of what we want - shutters or curtains.

Those are some pics for now! Favorite things so far about the house:
- Letting Gerdy outside on the porch.
- Doing laundry that is just a few steps away and doesn't involve quarters.
- Walking to town that is 1 minute away.
- Hearing about all of the people that our NYC friends know who live in Beacon, including several small business owners like the Pilates studio and little shop that sells lots of indie designers found on Etsy.
- Turning the heat on! But I think I dehydrated myself last night. No more cranking of heat at night.


Kelly said...

It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love it Katie!!! You're going to spend many happy years there.

Unknown said...

Oh, I love it!!! So cool :)

katiedavidwedding said...

Katie...How about your pretty duvet cover/wedding present to finish off your bedroom...try it!

katiedavidwedding said...

oops...why am I id'd as katiedavidwedding?.....oh vista computer do I love thee...
Enjoy your new home K,D,G,O,D. I miss you an hope you have us back..tetsy'n bed and buddy

Hostess firenze said...

So inspiring! I'm also working towards my first triathlon and blogging about it.