Wednesday, January 06, 2010

That's a Bump, and, Summation on Pregnancy Jeans

Or it's the cheese fondue I ate at that family Christmas party...

Yes, those are still my jeans. Stretch cords actually, from AG. Love them. Lifesavers. You see, there are no jeans for preggo women I've decided. I've learned about 4 different waistbands:
  • Adjustable: My favorite. There are hidden elastic straps inside of the waistband, and you just pull and button when your pants get too big. All of my jeans should have these. All of my Habitual jeans at least, since they always stretch out.
  • Short Waist Band: A total tease so far. They just squeeze all of my love handles into smushy messes. Not all brands make such aggressive elastic, but some do. Woa nelly.
  • Wide Lycra Waist Band: Gentle, almost too gentle. See, I ordered a size 3 in all preggo jeans from Habitual and Page Skinny (nothing skinny about them), and they are falling off. Literally. So, I'm either busting out the butt and literally breaking my jeans, or they are falling off.
  • Low Belly: These have no elastic at all, just a super low belly. Very odd. Like bikini, but for preggo ladies. I got these in Habitual Skinny (they were supposed to be Habitual Knocked Up, but I think they sent the wrong ones). Skinny they were (yay! legs are the only things I've got going for me), but in the waist (size 3), a smidge big. Sigh. It's weird to want to grow into your jeans, to actually hope your thighs get bigger. But then you stop thinking that real quick.
So that's the update on that.


Anonymous said...

Oh Katie girl...How I love thee...let me count the ways!
1.) You are one of my best friends, and I love you faults (yup, we've all got them) and all!
2.) You make me smile & in point...blogging about elastic pregnancy waists smashing your love handles! (btw, when what I believe to be a girl, is born, your gonna love adjustable pants for her :-))
3.) You have a sweet tooth like me!
4.) You're SUPER talented!
5.) You're simply irresistible!

I think that's enough for now...keep on blogging girl!!

Unknown said...

Oh Courtney, you make me smile and warm my heart!! And thank you for your pregnancy clothes! The Courtney Spring Line of Pink and Green will come in handy for Mexico! And hopefully I will have a closet for them soon...

Anonymous said...

Mexico! Wow, what's happening there? And when? Good for and green will be perfect for Mexico and spring in nyc if it ever comes!

Red Peg said...

Hello! Just blogspotting. Great blog! I bookmarkd it.