Saturday, November 08, 2008

Recessionista Breakdown: bought a purse

Recessionista Purse

Saturday days are always very dangerous times for me, if I'm trying to not spend money. Just keep me locked up, and the wallet far away in a oust in a corner, under jackets.

But today, like most Saturdays, I worked on computer designs, then forced myself to go to yoga in the afternoon. I bought 20 classes for $20 a year ago, and only now just realized that I'd used 2 of them, and they had expired. So this ecessionista begged for more time, and they extended it by two months. Which means I have to use them.

I went to a vinyasa, which kicked my hip flexers, and was about four thousand degrees, so afterwards, I was feeling pretty good. I did need a pedicure (ingrowns), and planned in my mind to get one. Gerdy needed food, so on the way walking to the pedi, I picked up some Merrick, followed by the stationery store for printer paper and pens (I live in can't just drive to a Staples...I take what I can get within a 15 block radius), and next door to that, is a clothing store that had an amazing black jacket I was considering for the winter, but the store is always closed when I walk by, so I stopped in and tried on the jacket. Yup, it was amazing. Flingy and unique. But was $700. Darn. I wandered around the store, and happened upon a delightfully slouchy dark denim bag with the softest leather handles. It was $120. I bought it. Suze Orman would probally say: "Denied!" if I asked if I could afford that, but I snuck it onto my 0% APR Amex.

Ok, so it wasn't on my list of planned shopping (my everyday Habitual jeans have holes everywhere and are about to break in the thighs), but dammit, I'm happy about it. Satisfied, in fact.


AJ said...

Remember, you're just doing your part to stimulate the economy! That's what I tell myself every time I find some new silly random thing I need on Etsy.

Mista said...

This is true. Maybe I can write it off, to the Bailout. ;)