Monday, November 10, 2008

American Laser Centers: Request for Refund

Hi those of you who are following the laser hair removal process. As you know, I've remained pretty positive about my results, and about the people in my office for American Laser Centers. Today was my 15th appointment. After my 10th appointment, when the manager got very defensive after I voiced concern over the lack of results (results being no hair any more, not just hair reduction in some places), I began to see no more results. She switched me to a "new" machine that went to 50. Unlike some of you out there, I don't know the name of it. I can't keep up with these "Amerilight Whatevers" I easily went to the setting of 40, which according to some technicians in the office, was not common and was high.

I didn't blog about my 13th or 14th appointments because they became boring. Although I enjoyed my time talking to the technician during the process, I went home hopeful that less would grow in. However, not much would change, and it was a downer until the next appointment.

I went to my 15th appointment this morning, which had to be rescheduled b/c my husband had to go to jury duty for my previous appointment and someone needed to be home to receive a package. I rescheduled it for some time later because it seemed that my regular technician wanted me on her watch. So I waited an additional 2 weeks to get onto her calendar. When I showed up this morning, I was with a brand new technician. Normally this would be fine - don't they all do the same thing - but this was a mix up and I wasted those 2 weeks. It is clear to me now that in my case, I am wasting time going to these appointments, and I have requested a refund. I will keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

I have been going for 3 years now, over 30 treatments to each area. I got my face, bikini, full legs, feet, toes and underarms. $5000. My contract is up and my 2 year guarantee is up. I still have more than 50% of my hair. The underarms are thinner but still there. My chin and "beard" area, and upper lip still need to be shaved. Maybe a 50% reduction. They have been "double passing" for about 10 treatments to all areas. Are all laser removal places this unsuccessful? What about home laser hair removal? Has anyone been successful about getting a refund?

Mista said...

The result of my refund request was: "Get more treatments." I told them that I didn't know the health effects of such a thing, and that I would do research. They offered to do more areas, but knew that I probably would not want that, which is true. It has become a waste of time for me. There are some other commenters here who want to organize, and I'm going to look into it. Also, I told them that I would consider filing with the Better Business Bureau. I've never done that before, so am going to look into it.

Becki said...

I've been going for 1 year (7 "treatments" on my upper and lower lip.) 6th and 7th I was burned-I fear permanently. I have had burning and blisters for 4 months. Needless to say, I have stopped going. The kicker here is that this hair at issue is non-pigmented. A reputable company would not even treat me because the hair is too light. I was told by ALC that it would take longer. I am getting nowhere either with the company. I had planned to visit the corporate offices in Farmington Hills, MI, as it is only a 20 minute drive from my home, to show someone the burns. I have learned that those offices are locked and have armed security guards. I had been given the same run-around (double passes) even though I am burned. No one returns calls from this company once they view you as problematic. It is a tough pill to swallow. I am convinced that Care Credit (GE Money Bank) is in this together with ALC. I would love to stop this freight train, just not sure which direction to take.

Tricia said...

SO have you been able to file with the BBB? or did you get the refund?

Mista said...

I was denied the refund, which was for half, which would have been $1000. They said their medical staff, whoever that is, did not see issues. She offered me free treatments, but I turned her down. I don't trust what the laser does after that many appointments. That said, I will eat it, and try again in the future with a recommended dermatologist, since I have heard of good results from people who go to actual professionals.

I didn't file with the BBB only b/c I haven't made the time to do it yet. In my mind, I'd love to jump on a bandwagon to sue American Laser Centers b/c I do believe their are extremely misleading, and short people of thousands of dollars. Again with the time issue, I haven't done it yet.