Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Sad Closet Life

My Sad Closet Life, originally uploaded by KT Flicker.

I'm sticking firm to the fact that it has taken me almost 3 years to find a shoe organizer that works in this tiny joke of a closet that every now and then sprinkles white plaster all over my clothes because of the ongoing dampness in the ceiling that gets repaired at least every year. Shoe Lover was shocked to see how my shoes overtook me, and literally sent me clear shoe boxes on the spot. So you better believe I bought this shoe organizer from Delight.com the minute it arrived in my inbox. Not only did I buy it immediately, but I bought it from my iPhone while standing in line at the bank to make a deposit. Yeah.


t-bear said...

OMG, look, you proposed on the right year! it only happens once every 28 years and you picked the right one! http://www.guardian.co.uk/news/2004/feb/27/netnotes.markoliver

Mista said...

You mean this?
Experts believe that older civilisations may have tried to keep the calendar tied to lunar phases. Roman Custom was to insert the extra day at February 24 with following days renumbered. In 2000 the EU said February 29 would be leap day, which the Roman Catholic church now concurs with. Traditionally women may make a marriage proposal to a man on February 29th or any time during a leap year. Tradition dictates that if he turns the proposal down he must give a kiss and a silk gown in recompense.

I'll take a silk gown! In fact, I just found some embroidered silk yesterday!! It was so exciting. Pictures seriously to come. I was going to shoot them to the blog from the iphone via Flicker, but decided to wait...