Monday, January 28, 2008

Cutest Rolodex Ever

mini file cabinet rolodexI should really get a glam, professional rolodex like this silver rolodex at See Jane Work, but I saw this little munchkin in Stylehive, and new it was the rolodex for me. I wanted the rolodex to close, but didn't want it to close with the cheap plastic, clear door of the generic one from Staples. Sure, this color is pretty lame, but that's what stickers are for, right? I might get the nice silver one from See Jane Work for recipes. Problem with that rolodex is the only way for a business card to stay in there is if you staple it to a card. And that just makes everything too thick. So, mini filing cabinet it is. You can get this file cabinet rolodex at Clever Gear. But hey. This one was only $13 ($18 with shipping), so if you know of other, cuter ones, please chime in!

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