Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Come Play in My New Group! Home Office Collectives

Home Office WorkersHome Office Workers of the World Unite!!

Starting yesterday, in response to a offering for free chair massages to women who work in offices to the Ladies Who Launch NYC Incubator group from Laurie at, I realized that Home Office workers indeed miss out on perks that make working in corporate offices easier and less Dilbert-like.

I emailed Laurie, lamenting this fact, and she responded right back with how Home Office Workers should not be denied such offers, and that if I could get 4 girls to come to my Home Office, we could have free 30 minute table massages. Are you kidding?? Sooo, I quickly emailed lady versions of Home Office Workers who might be up for such a stress relieving excerise, and am happy to say that Sabina and Rebecca from Red Branch PR are coming (Sabina all but insisted on champagne), joined by Lindsay of, and me!

THEN, not to stop the excitement, I decided that Home Office Workers need a place to collect - if not in person (because we may not want to leave our houses b/c we may be too busy or whatever), then online for starters!

Home Office Collectives

I will create a group blog for it, where official Home Office Workers can write about their experiences in their Home Offices, such as favorite chairs, desks, printers, lights, sounds, aromatherapy, you name it, it will be discussed.

In the meantime, Home Office Collectives lives as a Group in Facebook, and you can join and post pictures or videos of your own home office - with pets if you have them! Click here to visit the group. Yes, you will need an account in Facebook to join. But honestly, if you don't have an account there by now, you are really missing out. I spend all of my free time (7 minutes a day) playing the Oregon Trail on it, which is the most least challenging version ever. So come join!!


Lara said...

I can't get to facebook from my day job (another reason why I need to quit and work on Tiny Tales from home), but just wanted to say I love this idea! I would love to see photos of how people have organized their home office and tips for setting up a home office in a small space.

Mista said...

Thanks!! And I've been reading about this Facebook and other blockages The blockage makes me so curious about corporate spy systems. Photos to come. Must nudge people to participate...