Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stocking Stuffers! For Girls.

Here we go - the beginning of a stocking stuffer list for Christmas. Or really, for any day. Because we should have stockings every day, I think. Shoot. I might have to buy all of what I post! Resist. Resist. But you - you should buy.

SoapyLove - reindeer soap - $6.00
I have bought SoapyLove soap, and it is awesome. So pretty. It's amazing how pretty it is. And affordable
reindeer soap stocking stuffer

Jack and Jane Boutique
elephant magnets - $5.50
elephant magnet stocking stuffer

square glass coffee mug magnets - $7.99
square glass coffee mug magnets stocking stuffer

Katie James
cotton and french terrycloth burp cloths - $36/set (who is this lovely designer? oh, it's me ;)
cotton and french terry burp cloth

quality, cashmere, legwarmer - $125 (ok, that's a pricey stocking stuffer, but check out their other striped sweat pant legwarmer)
black danskin cashmere legwarmer stocking stuffer

...more to come as I collect it...or send me some tips! Make a comment and I'll check it out.


Sassy said...

These are totally fabulous!!! Great gift ideas!!!

LStone said...

I was just reading your blog and there it was! My Darla earrings! Thank you so much for the mention! It made my day. Check them out at your etsy favorites.

Mista said...

I sure did! The beaded hoops are so pretty!

Jen Lownie said...

Ooh! You said send you some tips. I have tips.:-) I have stocking stuffers! (and sale pages too, which is always nice!) And you could always mention that I offer a FREESHIP coupon which means zero cost for shipping! I'd be thrilled if you mentioned this.

But your tips are fun even if you don't. Love the cashmere legwarmers - but they cannot compare with the wonderfulness of the Reindeer Soap!

Mista said...

Oh, Jen Lownie, where are you online? put your link! And the Reindeer soap just came today. Wonderfulness.

Tina said...

love the legwarmers, but for me and the cheapies of the world, there are synthetic ones for about 30 bucks at danskin. I think I will get them and be a balerina for halloween next year as an excuse.

Mista said...

I hear ya on the leg warmers. But I was overcome with the stripe. Then I saw the price. They are cashmere, after all. Not that I would excercise in cashmere, but I guess it's for going TO the excersise, and hanging around the exercise and for looking hot in general. So, you would justify the price for your outstanding costumes? Or would you go synthetic. Either way, it would be a fabulous costume. Good idea.