Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Etsy Mail Today

Happy Etsy Mail Today, originally uploaded by KT Flicker.

Etsy shippers can be so fast. Here's what I got today: black tags, which are 3 dimensional, are from Jenny O Designs, and I hope she adds more, because they are SO cute, and I am so jealous in the best way, that she makes them.

In the red bow(note cute packaging!), is the Reindeer Guest Soap from SoapyLove, and as promised, it smells like candy!

On the far right, is actually pressed vegitables from of the gifts I bought myself...


Melissa said...

I always keep a balance in my paypal account, specifically for etsy shopping. That way, when I go on a spree, it's not really like I'm spending money! :)

Mista said...

I just saw this comment! I know - I fee the exact same way. Yay for paypal. It's like play money.