Friday, September 21, 2007

StyleHive Shoe Face-Off with Widgets

Inspired by Danielle's little revenge on me for showing these Camper boots, and fueled by my white wine induced enthusiasm during a Patty Griffin concert last night in Central Park, I've created a new game for us to torture ourselves with our favorite shoes that we're not buying - yet.

Here's mine:

Here's how it will work:
1. We will go into StyleHive and create accounts (if you haven't already)
2. Drag the little 'bookmarklet' into our toolbars, and start hiving our favorite shoes.
3. We will tag them "mista shoe faves" to be sure we're widgetting just the shoes we want (b/c if you use "shoes" then you'll get all the shoes you tagged shoes...make sense?)
4. Then click on My Tools and grab the widget for them so that they can all display on this post. You'll email me the code for the widget (copy and paste it into the email), and I'll post it here with a link back to your blog/website if you've got one. I hope people will play! It's a nice way to unwind between computer projects...


Danielle said...

Hee, hee, hee. I already have some shoes marked off in my Kaboodle list so I'll have to add them to StyleHive tonight.

Lisa said...

Ok, you gotta check out Remix Vintage Shoes, in L.A.....they make the greatest (and even comfy!) shoes based on 40's and 50's styles, in lots of colors..

Mista said...

very cute...i just hived one.

Danielle said...

Alright, Stylehive isn't working for me...can I just give you my Kaboodle widget?

Mista said...

yes! send the Kaboodle. fashionmista at gmail . com

Anonymous said...

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