Sunday, September 23, 2007

"1234" or "one two three four" From iPod Nano Commercial - Feist - Great Album!

The lovely 1234 song singer is Feist! First name Leslie. Love this song from the iPod Nano commercial! It's been in my head all day, so I found it in iTunes and bought the album - The Reminder. It's beautiful. The album lives up to Feist's break out song 1,2,3,4. Check it out, and check out "The Park" if you haven't heard it yet.

I didn't realize it, but David and I have been under a rock about her - Leslie Feist - of Feist. David is researching Leslie Feist online, and finding the most from a New York Times feature article on her. We learned that she injured her vocal chords, which is when and why she learned to play the guitar; she's been in the indie scene for a while; she played drums and other instruments for other bands until realizing she just had to play for her own band; that she held lots of odd jobs including one at a flower shop; and that she called her dad before making the 1234 video to excitedly tell him she was going to dance in a video that was inspired by the movie Fame. Here are some good links:
Good New York Times article on Leslie Feist
Feist MySpace page
Leslie Feist on Wikipedia
Bunches of people are searching for 1 2 3 4 from Feist, according to Yahoo for Feist photos

Check out Feist albums in Amazon. Learn more about The Reminder from Amazon too.

And here is the "chocolate" cell phone commercial from Verizon featuring My Moon My Man, also on Feist's The Reminder album (I can feel the competition Verizon is feeling from Apple!):


Danielle said...

My favorite by her is My Man, My Moon. I thought that was her in the iPod commercial.

Mista said...

Oh yes, that is a good one. And Brandy Alexander is fun.

legal mista said...

did you guys see that "my man my moon" is the new "chocolate" cell phone ad too?

Mista said...

oh my gosh!! I just youtubed it. I'm posting it here. The ipod nano commercial is so much more effective. Of course, I already have an iPhone and like AT&Ts service for the most part. Good for Feist!!

Anonymous said...

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