Saturday, September 08, 2007

New Blog :: Spammy Scammers

spammy scammersThere's been a lot going on for me in my little work world, and half the time I think I've blogged about something already, but that was just me visualizing it! So without further ado, may I please introduce to you a new blog of mine - Spammy Scammers - whose mission it is to expose the scams of the world to nice, trusting and unsuspecting people like us.

I put this off for a while, for fear of slander lawsuits or something. But I check out these scams, which are mostly from the internet but some can come from snail mail or even the phone, before I publish. So far, one email that I received, which was titled "Loan" and asked for my signature on a PDF, was a legitimate wrong email. The name on the loan was very close to mine. Which also had me worried.

If you have a scam, please send it to spammyscammers a . t gmail d.ot com for review. If that email looks funny, it's just to prevent spammers like this guy - who gave a confession of how it does it - from easily lifting the email.

So far, we have scam reports for:
Hopefully I'll see you over there.

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