Monday, September 10, 2007

Look Who Got Press!

A great press mention in New York Brides for the first company who had a website designed by Katie James Pixelated (my own website for that to come...huffing and puffing)!!

Seriously, if you are planning your wedding, consider getting Judith at Reel Invitations to produce a dvd wedding invitation! She is obsessed with the "how we met" story, and loves them all, from "we were neighbors" to "we met online" or "we met in a bar." She's good at gently tugging the story from you...check out the contents of the invitation. And you can send a paper invitation as well. That's what I would do if, you know, I were planning a wedding. You can get a free demo to listen to and see the experience for yourself.

dvd wedding invitation in new york brides

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