Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Should Gerdy Get a Baby Gerdy?

Being so close to my birthday (and now is my birthday), David is actually entertaining the idea of adopting a puppy from the litter of Havanese/Pomeranian mixes that Gerdy's much loved dog walker had. Rather, that her little dog Oolie had (no idea how to spell that...sounds like "ooo-lie"). I was really pushing for a little dog for my mom. One of the little black ones who I call Huck Fin because he lays on his back all day and has not a care in the world.

This dog, which is called an Ewokian b/c it is a mix between a Havanese and a Pomeranian, could be a Baby Gerdy. This picture is from two weeks ago, and her fur has sprung to life, much in the fashion of a baby chic. Here are pictures of them at 5.5 weeks.
havanese ewokian puppy picture

And here is lovely Gerdy, who also has fur like a chic, or a lamb:
gerdy shepherd chow mix

Gerdy is so maternal, and can only play so much with the cats, especially when Oliver doesn't swat at her. I think she could really have fun with the little pup. Or she could really not like the little pup! We will officially live in a Zoo, a fact which I have denied up until this point.

But if we do get her, then Gerdy might really like her and have a whole new life experience. She would be tiny, so would be portable in cute Juicy Couture dog bags and such. I think my mom is going to adopt Huck Fin, so the whole family can stay together!

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giant chocolate bunny said...

Ok - I take it back. That dog is too cute to pass up!