Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Got Indie Loove

Just when I was feeling down in the dumps! ILoveIndie.blogspot.com wrote the sweetest indie love that I just needed. Sigh. She loves all things silk dupioni, and well, that's about all I have, plus some pleather dog treat bags. I even made Gerdy a velour and silk dupioni leash over the weekend, and then got intimidated by all of the 'real' leashes out there that have the typical cute ribbon pattern sewn onto a long strip of nylon ending in a silver hook. I can get a silver hook. But there are enough nylon leashes out there, right? Does every dog need to drag their leash through puddles? Gerdy doesn't, that's for sure. I just take it off or toss it on her back. That's why she gets chocolate brown velour and with a bright pink silk dupioni handle with the soft velour lining on the wrist. So soft. Pictures to come. :)

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