Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ikea Wardrobe and Dysons

ikea wardrobeAm relaxing and watching Gray's, and see two products I must discuss. The Ikea wardrobe in George's father's hospital room was once in my room, then it became a TV closet, and then probably firewood. But I also have the matching half-wardrobe with shelves, and it rocks even more. It has become my linen closet now that I have two closets in my bedroom (and David gets one of them) and a front hall closet that is stuffed and overflowing with umbrellas and rollerblades. Love it.

dyson vacuum cleanerThen, the Dyson commercial. I loved the Dyson, for a long time at first at least, because of the accent from guy who invented it! I loved the way he said: "It never loses sUction." Something about how he said it in his accent just convinced me that the giant piece of plastic would not lose suction. For $400, and now $500, and who knows when the price will rise again, I almost bought it just for his accent! So, if Dyson people are scanning blogs for what we're saying, hear this: Bring the inventor with the prototypes and the accent back. I don't trust this generic guy, and I'm more happy with my Eureka.

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