Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bijou Me My Chi

dinah in bijou boutiqe necklaceWhile hearing the story of how my brother got engaged (as told to by my brother while we strolled through Union Square), I bought a pendant from a girl in Union Square market who was a metal-worker with arthritis in her hands. The pendant was to seriously align my chi and combined two stones for super alignment. She combined a piece from upstate New York and a piece that she dug up in Arizona that magnifies whatever it touches (and we all know how I love Arizona). She wound metal around it in swirly shapes, and secured the pieces together. But, it was just a pendant, and I have no patience or experience in making a necklace for it, and I wasn't about to just wear the generic black nylon cord that came with it.

So, I emailed my designer friend Lourdes at Bijou Boutique down in Florida and she jumped right onto the challenge! Our brains went through a bazillion ideas, keeping the focus on the pendant, making it not to difficult to use (since it needs to align my chi and keep the energy of chi-ness free flowing), and be a style that will last.

I was pickier than I realized, but Lourdes was always patient and coming up with new ideas. I couldn't decide if I wanted it short or long, so Lourdes proposed some leather cord - in baby blue and chocolate brown! - put some decorative silver beads around the clasps, and gave me a multi-level necklace. I can hook up the three cords any way I want, so can have it short or long, and in whichever color combination. Pictured here is just the blue cord, as it was a Friday work-day and I needed something simple.

So, if you're like me and appreciate making necklaces but don't actually do it, go to Bijou Boutique and see what she can custom design for you!! And look for Christmas presents while you're at it! She's got some new pieces in there!

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Alex said...

That is a cool pendant, I need some aligning of my chi as well.