Monday, October 02, 2006

Celebrity Bang Me

I'm dropping out of the Split Ends Club and dropping into an 8:15pm hair appointment tonight at the Scott J Aveda Salon Spa (their name rings through my head b/c I used to call so much for bikini waxing longer!). Ever since Anne Hathaway's bang in The Devil Wears Prada, I want my bangs back. I'm over my swoop, no-bang look, so am looking for a new bang to hopefully give a little life to my just-got-out-of-bed-and-didn't-brush-my-hair look. Also, because of my roots, the new, undied pieces of my hair are healthy and limp. I need me some color damage to bring this droopy look some volume!

Here's what bangs I'm going for:

NOT this person (oh wait, I think that's a 1998 Jessica!)

If only I had curly hair! (Ruth!!)

I could take a little of this bang - a whispish swoop:

Most of these pictures have brown hair...maybe I should get that too...??

This sent from MistaVille:

An iVillage article on bangs (check out the before and after's amazing what a little makeup and an expert blow-dry and style can do)

My Bang:
my bang

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Anonymous said...

i think the first on, the ashlee one is the most you. what do you think? did you call my girl, caroline?


Mista said...

I didn't call Caroline b/c 1. I didn't have her number and 2. I felt lazy like I just wanted to do it during the week, right now this instant, and I trust Aveda's color, although I do feel that it fades...

That said, if I get some lame hair cut I'm going to be really upset.

queenie said...

I love the "bang blog!" I definitely wanted bangs after watching The Devil Wears Prada.
My mom wanted me try and get them too....but you saw what happens when curly folk try and imitate the straight guys....not a pretty picture.
Anyway, so was that final shot of you the bangs you got? I wasn't really sure. I really prefer you with bangs, I like a change once in a while obviously, but I think your face takes really well to bangs, so go ahead with your bad ass self and wear em'!

Anonymous said...

Is that you with your new cut, color, and bangs in the pic??? If so, it looks great. I think Hillary Duff has too much darn make-up on in that pic so it takes away from her cute bangs in a sweep style, which I had at one point. You look great with bangs or without since you have GREAT facial structure. I use Aveda color, and I don't have a problem with it fading. I did have a problem with it getting brassy, but we switched the formula a little and now prest-o chango- no problem!!! Caitlin is walking- oh my...bumps and bruises EVERYWHERE!! You home for Christmas and my 30th??
love, Courtney W J

Mista said...

That IS my new bang! It's the FashionMista bang. I learned last night that to shampoo every day causes color fade. So, I'm going to try to condition. I use Aveda color as well, and am going to use the Color Corrective shampoo/conditioner for a while.

I WILL be home for x-mas, and you're NOT turning 30! Exciting!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo turning 30! Eric put it into perspective when I freaked out about it in June- he said wait till 40 so I guess he's right so I am all good about it. I have a lot to be grateful and thankful for. The best b-day and x-mas gift would be baby no. 2, but that is in God's hands! Love the bangs...the color conserve helps most right after color jobs. The pantene color shampoo & conditioner is good as well. Will mr.guitar man be joining us for the Holidays too???

Miss you...great hair! Off to grocery store as Caitlin just woke up.
lots of love, CWJ