Saturday, July 08, 2006

FashionMistas Are Here!

Eek! It's a mouse! No, it's a mista! The katie james fashion mouse for cats (and name of this blog) is reproducing. Dinah made them really hard to make because she kept attacking the sequence as I sewed it into the body. She already has two, and can't get enough of them. Rose the dog walker has confirmed that Dinah plays with her fashion cat toys on her own...they're never in the same place twice!

fashionmista cat toy

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Anonymous said...

If I had a cat, I would want my very own Fashionmista for her/him to play with. What a fabulous idea! Katie- your creativity never ceases to AMAZE me. You go girl!!! Courtney W. J.

Anonymous said...

fin and poopy might need these new mistas! you first gave me one when we got Fin, and they loved it! did you call that pet store in LIC? lets catch up- it's been a few days.. feels like weeks haha

heart, kw