Sunday, March 26, 2006

V for Vendetta

It was pretty good. David and I saw V for Vendetta tonight, and I must admit, I had no idea what it was about aside from Natalie Portman's shaved head. You can get the plot from here, as my mind is too full of questions to try to recapture the pageantry that is the movie. V for Vendetta reminded me why I am not watching the news or am that upset about not having a subscription newspaper being delivered to the apartment - it's all bullshit. I can hardly listen to NPR even, because most of what I hear stems from fluffed up pieces of garbage. And I don't know the background to the Dubai issue, again for the same reasons, but my main question there is: if we circumvented them from taking legal control of the port, then why did they volunteer to give it back? I didn't realize they had anything to give back, let alone not have a financial setback from once they give it back. All bullshit.

But enough random sidebars. The movie explained plain as day the current situation in and around our country, but left some lovely mysteries about V to be uncovered. I think the writers gave enough clues to provide V's identity, but I'm not sure. Go see the movie, and then come back and tell me what you think of the following questions:

Why did the comedy show host fix the same breakfast as V? Did they fix that breakfast in the prison? Because I'm pretty sure it showed the comedy show host as a general or something in the prison. If not, then why did V and the comedy show host make the same breakfast to the same music? Were they brothers who shared a mother who made that breakfast?

What was with the roses? Why did the coroner know that V was the killer when she was handed a rose? The only person with significant ties to the roses was the actress. How was V connected to them? I know he got letters regarding them, but how and why would the coroner know that?

Why was V ever in prison? Maybe this was stated, and I missed it. Was he a part of the parliament? I think he was...but again, I could have missed this.

Where did V live? Does it matter and were we given enough clues about it? He lived in a pretty big place with access to a roof of a building with several stories to it. Was it a house? A building? Was it perhaps the same house as the comedy show host's?

These are my questions for now. I did not see the Matrix, but the writers of V, the Wachowski Brothers (but not as the Wachowski Brothers), wrote the Matrix. So they are brothers, which could play a roll in question one. I think we can uncover a little more, and I think I need to see the film again, plus get the soundtrack.


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