Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dog Treat Bag Gets Punched

Finally, the katie james dog treat bag - the "chow chow" - is completing its first production run! On Tuesday I should have them online at, then I'll start pounding the pavement for dog boutiques.

the "chow chow" hooks onto your belt loop or anything hook-worthy, or can hang from your wrist...note the other hook for your keys to hang from...

I'd forgotten what color combinations I'd created until I saw a bag full of lime green faux snake-skin dog treat bags lined in pink and lilac. Yay! But, the wrist handles weren't attached yet. Richie, my production guy, had to call his friend Eddie's Fastners across the street to sneak me in. The wrist handles needed to be secured with a silver rivet, and Richie did not have that machine in his workshop. So, while David napped in the car before we explored Long Island City for a real-estate investigation, I dashed across the street to drop off my bag of colorful goodies to Eddie. Eddie was very cute. He puts rivets on for Emily by Emily, and was sure to tell me how many rivets her bags require. He was quite proud of the account. I was proud of him, too.

Stay tuned for the color combos!

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