Monday, December 12, 2005

Urcil Leon

Ok, here is the David bomb.

He wants to name his son Urcil Leon. I don't know who he's having a son with, but he's run this by me. Not run it by me, actually, more like told me. In a rare act of conviction, he has told me I will get used to this.

I will also get used to Wilma Beatrice, his daughter. Urcil is his grandfather, Leon is his great uncle, Wilma is his grandmother and Beatrice is his great aunt. Now, I told him that a. I don't know who he's having these children with, and b. I don't mind Wilma if she could really be Wilhelmina (my grandmother gave me a life-size doll named Wilhelmina who was knitted by blind people at the Cleveland Site Center where my grandmother volunteered (well, she was life-size at the time).

I told David that I was more than a little unsure about Urcil. He assured me that Urcil could go by UL. Urcil could go by UL and Wilma could go by Wilma Bea. Not WB because that's already a very popular TV channel, and chances are she won't grow up to be obsessed with the Gilmore Girls or One Tree Hill because they will be canceled by then.

Isn't this interesting.


Kelly Ohio said...

I hope you teach your son how to box before he goes to kindergarten.

Mista said...

First of all, no one is having a son around here. Second of all, you are right. All pre-K Urcil's should be enrolled in boxing.