Monday, November 14, 2005

Google! I love you!

Google just pulled the fee for Urchin (great site stat program) and is giving it away for free!! When Google bought Urchin, they were selling it for $199/month. There are plenty of free site stat services out there, but lots are sketchy and many are weak. I use and like it for it's presentation of stats, but now I will use both.

Check out an article here:,4814,106198,00.html

And straight from the horse's mouth:

Google's strategy is amazing! They are crushing competitors by offering major things for free. This may have a trickle down effect, as I'm already free now to move hosting companies for my website. I am paying $24.99 to a hosting company to host my site only because they offer Urchin. But now that I can get it for free, I'm free as a bird to pay $10 or less to a company that does not provide Urchin as part of their hosting package!


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