Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cards and Updates

So let's talk about these cards from BUST that can come with musak of rock music. They are so fun, and I'm growing quite addicted to them. In fact, I think I'll send my sister one right after this.

As for updates, well, I haven't been much for sharing what's beeing going on in the world of katie james. As feared, the business plan and Fashion Designer's Survival Guide did put my brain on the fritz in terms of believing that I can make the katie jamesness happen. It just made everything overwhelming, when I'm very good at ignoring most signs that point to overwhelming in order to just move forward. However, it did make me carve out what makes katie james katie james, and that is a good, strengthening thing.

But of late, life has been overwhelming everywhere, but in a creep on you sort of way. The website at work launches in January, and the list to make it 90% error free keeps growing. My brain is feeling very stretched in order to keep all the plates spinning. My neighbor, as we know, is crazier than ever, poor thing (I'm listening to her now shut and re shut her door to make sure it locks...today she told the police who had come to her apartment to allow the super to come in to deal with leaks coming from her apartment that her tiny mut was trained by Secret Service), and the ceiling is getting repaired from the leak damage back when NY saw some of the most rain it had seen in 100 years (but this apartment has seen many leaks, so it really didn't matter). I launched a big campaign to move, however the apartments of which I looked, unfortunately for my broker (hi Matt!), reminded me that our current apartment is wonderful - especially for the money (sorry, Matt! but tonight's were the best so far...I think I just want to buy or stay put). So the search is off for now. David is working and working on a film, and I almost forgot he was my boyfriend last week, but then he re-introduced himself, so I remembered who he was.

Business and money planning for myself is much harder than doing it for other people. So my friend who works in finance agreed to meet with me so that I can go over my katie james budget in order to see like what I need to spend on production, what are fixed costs, etc. This was a good push, as it made me really look at my Excel spreadsheet from her eyes, knowing that it had to make sense for her.

Otherwise, many ideas are bubbling for products, and as soon as I get the budget squared away, I will focus on getting fabric for new things! The chow chow is going to go through a small re-deisgn, and I'm dying to make my Pocket Purse because I really need one for the weekend. And, I've contacted someone about re-building my website in PHP so that I can use all the free stuff out there like email programs and so forth, so that's exciting. Oh, and most importantly, a shopping cart! I'm going to re-design it, so think French menus. I'm excited, but now must finish this post, finish my glass of wine, send a BUST card to my sister, and maybe call it a night. On with tomorrow!

Oh, and wanna know what makes me really happy? This on my desktop. Love it:


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