Monday, October 24, 2005

Oh wow...So I found a new web-boutique today ( thanks to DailyCandy, and boy is it fun and uncommon! Just when you think you didn't know what you needed...

The OO La La Pill Box and Oui Oui Tampon Case:

Animal Shaped Rubber Bands!

Penguin Lamps (I've been meaning to get one):

Actual tumbling glasses, Facet Rock Tumblers:

For the bebe, the Shangrila Activity Mat (I want one!):

Ok, enough fun for now. Gerdy is pacing b/c I won't let her on David's couch (he finally thought it was odd that she's not aloud on my velour couch, but she can sit comfortably on his leather couch) and Dinah is stalking the shadow of my fingers across the couch as I type this...

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