Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mission: Leather Bag

I was e-emergencied from my dear friend, New York City Mouse (NYCM):

"Help! My boss insists we pick out our own x-mas presents which is probably a great thing but... I want a cute medium-sized leather handbag, just big enough for a hardcover book and a lipstick, in the $100-200 range. Do you know any good brands/online stores/bags? Pleeeese?"

This is a little harder than I the market is flooded with metalic, studded, western bags. It's on my list of things to design, but in the meantime...(and some of 'em aint leather)

Courtney Guitar Strap Bag from Loop NYC on

Phone Purse (of course!) on
but it's $325

Emma Gordon London Gwen Bag at

bells&whistles Burgundy Laurel Shoulder Bag at
$298 (oops, didn't see that price until I committed to including it)

Myna Olive Beverly Clutc at

I just thought this was really cute...

Rebe: Emma Sac at

Maybe this one? POSH by Tori: Jumbo Hobo at

Bags are tough. I'm not satisfied with this mission. If you seen anything, let me know! In the name of girls-carrying-hardcover-books everywhere, please share your wares.

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New York City Mouse said...

Wow! Awesome--thank you Fashion Mista! I like the pink one.

Do you remember when handbags used to cost $60? Those were the good old days.

Mista said...

Those were. And remember when they didn't all have the bangly rings and tassels? I like them on my arms, but I'm tired of them on the bags.

I'd say for a leather bag, go vintage. Otherwise, you may come out looking smooth and corporatey.