Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pinball, Engagements and Kabooms

Who knew David was such a pinball wizard? We know he's an ex-wrestler/football fanatic, but did we know that when put in front of a pinball machine, he would click the little ball away with all of his might? And did we know that he would score so well on the Lord of the Rings pinball machine in Williamsburg's Levee (a bar), that he would save millions of souls, get told by the machine to "Play in local tournaments!", and get a credit to play another round? I sure didn't. Some little punk pinball players wanted to play after David was done with the game, and begrudgingly told us about the credit that was waiting patiently for him on the machine. hehe. Here's a picture of me playing (before he kicked my ass) at Kelly From Work Kelly's engagement party, where she looked dynamite in her new brown hair and teacher argyle cleavage bearing dress, with some little rounded teacher shoes to match. There was a unanimous decision that Gladys (click here and scroll down to meet Gladys) needs to discuss Kelly's engagement ring on the blog and Adam's refusal to have groom's men (yes, they are going to have singleton bridesmaids proudly carrying the weight of the whole wedding party!)

Kelly with Friend showing off her ring:

Then, for a confession of the day: I've just had a kaboom, as I've been in Excel for too long. David thinks I should be out selling selling selling katie james, and I think I should be setting up systems, making budgets, making invoices, making spec sheets, making a spreadsheet that keeps track of sales and tax and product costs. He sees me go into stores, make the sale, and he wants to see more of it. I do too, but as in previous posts, I'm experiencing the potential trouble to deliver, based on my low capital to produce a large order when the stores pay after the order arrives on their counters, low orders from me for the manufacturer, etc. So, in this discussion, I had a melt-down, otherwise known as a Katie Kaboom, as I want to be playing outside with Gerdy, and am trying to do all of this stuff so that I can have that freedom and do this full time one day instead of on the weekend, when I just lost it. Could have been from the complete almost lack of food yesterday (always forget to make time to eat on Saturdays) coupled with an unexpected dose of caffeine in my 2pump half caff vanilla latte, to this morning's overpriced pancakes (David's treat...but it was fun to sit outside for a New York brunch). But not to fear. I'm feeling much better, have started the Business Plan, and am now going to rejuvenate in a burger at a dive bar. :)


kelly from work... said...

who knew Dov was such a pinball pro??

nice post.... sorry to hear about the kaboom, but you always end up having a revelation or having some productive conculsion when you have your kabooms.

cute picture of you and Dov.. that one of me is scary- i look possessed...I guess thats what happens after 5 glasses of champagne and an apple tini.


Mista said...

Yes, the Kaboom was necessary and has been building up for some time. The burger really helped and set me straight. Some people need a V8. I need a chedder burger medium rare.

You do not look posessed! Well, you do look posessed by the ring...kidding.