Wednesday, September 14, 2005

On Glasses

I was just about to leave the office to make a mad dash to the fabric store in the rain when I got a comment in the "D Just Sent Me Flowers!" post about glasses from The Fabulous Ms. T. Rather than muck up that area with glasses information, I thought I should indulge you here, in the wide-open post. As you recall, or maybe I didn't say, my designer glasses that I signed my life to the devil to pay for, were to be ready today, Wednesday. But since they are so special, they had to be sent away for, requiring me to wait until tomorrow, Thursday.

Now then. On to the subject of mad scientists, as was broached in the comment. I, apparently, look like an astrophysicist in my pink pair of new Baby Phat glasses. The commenter, The Fabulous Ms. T., was concerned about looking like a mad scientist. I quite frankly think that as an astrophysicist, I would need more friends to pal around with, so I fully support her decision of mad scientist glasses. The other pair of glasses had me looking like, um, an updated, glasses person, I guess. Can't put my finger on it. But I love them.

The funny thing is, both glasses have much more detail than my current 7 year old Brooks Brothers ones for $280 (including lenses), yet neither take over my face the way my soon-to-be defunct, more 'editor' like brown plastic glasses did, where when I wore them, you really did say to yourself, "Hello, Glasses. Oh, hello Katie."

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