Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My First Roll of Fabric

Tonight I bought my first roll of fabric! The girls who help me swatch and cut always say to me: "Just buy the roll!" when I repeatedly buy the same fabric, but at a yard and a half at a time. This time, spurred by someone else putting 'my' precious faric on hold, where I risk losing it forever b/c it's a close-out fabric, which means that the store bought it from Marc Jacobs, and there is no more of it. So, I secured 10 whole yards!

And, at tax exempt at that! I used my tax exempt number (EIN) for the first time tonight. I got to fill out a form, and be on file, and feel wonderful...! It was very exciting. When I carried the giant roll home, the elevator/doorman at the bottom of the building whistled: "you are strong!" as I carried this 60" + roll to the subway over my shoulder. Yeah, strong to last long in this business!

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