Saturday, September 10, 2005


I almost forgot it was on!

David's out of town (which is the reason I have all this time today for Beautification). While the man's away, the mice will play, and listen to the radio and watch British comedies on PBS! David usually has CNN or ESPN on, so to be home to watch and listen to my favorite Saturday night shows is a real treat (although, we have 2 tvs, so it's not like we compete).

David is at the OSU game (that's Ohio State) playing Texas, and wanted me to go, but I just couldn't go out of town again and leave Gerdy to perhaps parish.

So, I get to eat watermelon without slicing it, make a big dinner, listen to Lake Wobegon and the message from the Ketchup Advisory Board, and, and, well, what more is there to do?

PS: watch out, folks...i'm home alone, so blog posts may be many!

PPS: David is so excited about the OSU game. I'm going to look for him on TV. Matthew Mcconaughey tried to rent the Varsity (OSU's after-the-game bar), and the owner had to go on radio stations all over (oh! the buckey's just ran out of the ball pen, or whatever it's called) to promise everyone that he did not rent out the bar. I'm watching the OSU coach right now in an interview. I just love Ohio accents.

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