Saturday, September 10, 2005

Don't Let Me Out of the House on a Saturday!!

At least not with NYCM (New York City Mouse) anyway. Something about her makes the money flow (as budget conscious as she is)!

I got a cheap but potentially damaging haircut from International Haircutters (nothing that a lot of ocean water (john frieda) and Glisten (mop) won't fix...hopefully...) and then strolled around the upper west side with NYCM half-way hyped on a tall-iced-half-caff-2 pump-vanilla latte. I was on a glasses mission, and NYCM was on an anything mission. Let's just say, we blew our budgets. Or increased our credit rating. Whichever way you want to look at it.

We walked into a glasses place, and for fun, tried on a pair of pink on the top rimmed Baby Phat glasses. The cuteness factor I cannot describe here. The glasses turned us into astrophysicists. The sales lady caught our bug of excitement and pure pleasure over the look, and humored us by showing us more designer glasses under the counter.

Oops! We found another pair. Then the sales lady told us about the 2for1 deal, but that the Baby Phat didn't qualify, but maybe she'd only charge $100 extra for the normally $450 pair of glasses. Then I spotted the "Buy Now Pay Later" sign, and learned that it was health coverage credit with no APR for the first year (we can thank the Devil that is Citygroup for this). This is when the "we" became an "I."

A phone call later to the credit people had me lined up with a chunk of change, more than I needed to buy the glasses. The excitement rising, the Lady Behind the Counter dropped the extra $100 from the Baby Phat and gave me both pairs for the price of one. Yippee!! Never had two glasses at once in my fifteen years of wearing glasses (with the same prescription, that is), and designer ones at that!!

Pictures to come when I pick them up later this week. Pictures not to come of my wierd, lame haircut.

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New York City Mouse said...

I can personally verify the cuteness of the glasses. They are cute!