Thursday, September 15, 2005 - Hello?

omG!!! Why didn't anybody ever tell me about Are you telling me that I just spent...:quivering:...hundreds of profit driven dollars at a store when I could have bought them onLINE? Oh, I am such a bad shopper. So disappointed. I starting researching prices when I came accross a 'buyers beware' post in Craig's list that I stumbled on when searching for the phone number for the glasses place, Cohen's Optical.

omg. hanging head. i'm just going to sit down and pretend that did not have them in stock. I'm going to remember that I do not know the track record of Otherwise, perhaps they could be of service to you in your future glasses purchasing endeavors! :sniff: pictures…:sniff sniff:…to come…as they are supposed to be ready later…:sniff:…today.

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Anonymous said...

It ALWAYS pays to research and to shop around because there are bargains out there to be found! However, there are exceptions to EVERY rule- desperation. Content in Cleveland

Mista said...

Dang. I was desperate. And I wasn't doing any shopping around...until after the fact, that is. Well, a lesson learned.