Thursday, August 04, 2005

Quick Trip

Pretty much, I was happily surrounded this weekend by moss and daddy long legs, slept amoung 6 respectful flies (they were on the screen, I was in the bed), played with 1 boyfriend and lots of family members, ate a lot of ice-cream, and came home with enough dirt and sand in my toes to warrent a new coat of Candy Apple on my toes (caramel apples were also part of the trip, but caramel is not my favorite color for toes).

I got a lot of Harry Potter read on this beach in the morning before golfers came home from their early tee-off, or young cousins rolled out of bed and into the boat for water-skiing.

Yes, it is hard to develop a label and new accessories when you keep going out of town. But there was a lot of plotting around the dinner table and on long walks through the woods. The trip out of New York was well worth it! And thank God the weather was good so LaGuardia was operating normally, so we landed on schedule. We ended the night with sushi and passed out in preparation for the week ahead.

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