Thursday, August 04, 2005

Drugstore Invasion

Drugstore beauty products are becoming more and more popular. Lately, friend's faces I want to copy are getting them (their make-up) at the drug store. Revlon is making quite a splash with me, as I keep picking their products without realizing it. I recently conducted a poll on myself where I scanned a magazine page of its products, and selected the ones I liked and would buy (eye shadow mainly). Revlon came out on top, quite to my surprise. I've been a Bobbi Brown girl for some time, with dips into Clinique for skin care and Mac for fun products like tubes of eye paint. But the drug store is suiting me for lipsticks and mascara, not to mention Oil of Olay which I've loved all my life. Both the Olay bar soap and the face cream are nicer to my skin than Clinique. See what a beauty Guru has to say about drugstore skin-care products.

Speaking of skin care, the best tinted lip gloss and skin-saver product are from Fresh (not the drugstore, sadly), located at W. 4th Street here in New York (but you can shop online). My skin was so dry and patchy, I could not apply make-up to it. I bought their clay umbria bar and was delighted at its sensation.

It's a bar of hard clay that you pat on with a wet finger. You can pat directly onto the dry spot or your whole face. Leave on until dry, and rinse with cool water. Your face will feel so fresh! Without that tightness and sticky film that soap leaves behind.

As for the lip gloss, or "lip shine palette," it is the only lip gloss that does not break my lips by making them so soggy. I have very sensitive lips, and cannot put on just any old lip gloss.

Happy shopping!

Shout outs given to:
Jolie in NYC
Oil of Olay

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