Monday, July 11, 2005

Love in the Time of the Housing Bubble

Sorry! This post has been deleted. This is the revised version dictated to the fasionmista's younger and more 'put-together' sister, due to computer failure.

The question is really a half-baked idea, its still doughy, (but some prefer that way). The answer to my big question* is that I like surprises more than a mortgage with no ring ((Please note, I think what my sister is trying to say here is that a she'd like to get married for reasons other than for the convenience of affordable living)). I dont want to burst my own bubble just because of a housing bubble, there's only room for so many bubbles. So I'm just going to be patient. Until I'm 30. And then I'm buying an apartment, man or no man.

*The question regarded my desire to jump through hoops in order to get a loan to buy an apartment with current live in boyfriend which could put us in a safer neighborhood and earn us the potential to make a quick buck on the NY housing market.


the fabulous Miss T. said...

do you have to walk down the aisle to walk down the isle? Toughie. But seems like a bad time to buy anyway???

Mista said...

Well said.

New York City Mouse said...