Friday, July 08, 2005

I Shopped The Van!

Ok, it's not a bumper-sticker yet, but it should be! Featured on DailyCandy, KellyW spotted them during a dreary and rainy Kinko's errand on Park Avenue South. Caravan is the "first mobile shopping experience" who offers "unique, contemporary clothing, accessories and gift items from selected designers around the world." The shop drives and parks all over New York.

KellyW's friend bought her now "favorite shirt," so I marched my little heiny over and bought the same one (we never see each other)! I couldn't help myself. I've been looking for the perfect, long-sleeved boob-wrap that could be a cousin of my "katelette" but with sleeves. I found a chocolate, knitted-looking rayon wrap from Purp7z. It is perfect for a rainy Friday afternoon, with long bohemian earrings for an easy night out after-work in my very new, and very cool Habitual jeans, that were the result of the big jeans shopping spree, a post of which, is to come.

I'm telling David over the phone about what I bought, and he's excited. He says all the boys from Junior-high (that means the far back 80s) called them "titty-tighters." He and his friends claimed they're easy untie…

Catch the Van in your area by going to their website to see their schedule. Have fun!

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