Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"It broke"

My next blog post was going to feature all of the little things we have set up in the baby room. We have a few highlights in there we are excited about. However, Highlight #1 just pulled a chicken-little, and we have to try it again.

When we went to Mexico for a wedding in January, I begged David to haul home 2 painted sinks and a Mexican hammock - the kind that you sit in, as opposed to lying down. I sat in one, and it was sooooo comfortable, I thought it could work as a nice soothing place to rock/swing with baby.

So we got it set up. Hurrah.

And then it fell down. Sad.

I was downstairs working when it happened, and the whole house kaboomed. David has been worried about it since hanging it, and keeps sitting in it to test it. Last night, he heard kinks in the screw making strange noises as he felt the first sprinkles of plaster land on his head. This morning, he sat in it again, and waited. Legs crossed, just as you see him in this picture. And then it happened: he just fell. From the air. Onto the floor. Sad. And it's the hardest I've laughed this month.

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