Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home Office Making it Into Wedding Registry

I tried to deny myself the home office items, thinking that David and I should get kitchen items (and love money to help build the down payment for a house!). But alas, I cannot deny any longer, and have added more items to the Pottery Barn registry: home office items.

I love the rustic barn look mixed with a finished floor, or nice furniture. Since David and I started looking for a home, it really made us think about what we wanted in a home. While we were considering a fine, totally finished townhome, I started to miss the older, rustic look that I thought I could live without.

Here is an example of a rustic, converted barn look, combined with gloss that I would be happy to concentrate in:
pottery barn home office room
Go see this home office >

The Pottery Barn swivel chair. It never goes out of style, or focused comfort. I did include this chair in the registry, but it's a little pricey for a registry. I did include the cushion. I could always make a velvet cushion cover to jazz it up a bit.
pottery barn white swivel chair
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Oh...the Project Table. How divine! First of all, I love sitting up high. Second of all, it would be so fun to sit with little projects in bookshelves! This one did not get included in the registry, because it really is out of the price range.
pottery barn project table
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The home office organizer. So fun to have on your wall, to contain bills, invoices, to-dos, all at once. Stuff would be off of the desk, and onto the wall. This is in the registry.
pottery barn home office organizer
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