Saturday, January 21, 2006

Precious Stationery

Listening to a Prairie Home Companion and surfing designers' sites after giving my dog, Gerdy, a bath. Found these really cute designers of stationery in letterpress, prints, and more.

16 Sparrows
I love their tagline the best: "16 sparrows | sarcasm folded in half"
Not stationery, but has to do with writing...

Perla Anne

ps: she's from Charleston, home of my college alma mater , the College of Charleston, and is married to the lead singer of one of the great indie-rock bands from Charleston, Jump Little Children, who I served coffee to a lot when working in a little French cafe!

Celandine Paper

Celandine Paper is a featured emerging designer for FashionMista. Click here for their enlightening interview.

Deluce Designs

Paper Relics

One Good Bumblebee

Pancakes & Franks

Go write your hearts out!!



Anonymous said...

I am a paper junkie! Thanks for the links (and including my link!!)

Unknown said...

sure! you're stuff is really cute!