Saturday, November 14, 2009

Holiday Boy Gift Ideas for Husbands, Boyfriends and Brothers

As hard as I try to write down gift ideas for my husband David throughout the year...I always forget. So let's get the holiday gift idea list going.

The Barber Spa with The Art of Shaving
The Art of Shaving Barber Spa
I interviewed my husband's hard-to-please friend, and he said right away: A gift certificate to a shave with The Art of Shaving. At first I thought he meant product, which I've given David before and he's hooked, but he meant an actual hot shave.
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Magazine Subscription
Magazine Subscription to Bicycle Magazine
These trade magazines have loads of gift ideas, even for birthdays. If your boyfriend or husband is into cycling, try Bicycle Magazine for gift ideas.
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Griffin Elevator Lift for His Laptop Computer
Griffin Elevator for Laptop Computers
This is a great gift. My own brother gave it to me, out of his very own thought. I love it!!! I travel a lot with my laptop, and the Griffin Elevator lets me look straight on and relax my neck. I'd recommend a keyboard to plug in so that he doesn't need to hold his hands up, but I've been totally cool without it. It's totally portable and breaks into 3 pieces. Fits great in my messenger bag.
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Keyboard Cufflinks
keyboard cufflinks
For the real geekiness in your husband or boyfriend, check out these MAC keyboard cufflinks - with custom initials! Could be a perfect gift for your geeky brother. Great stocking stuffer!
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Leather Wrist Band/Cuffs for Studs
genuine leather wrist cuff/bands for boys
If your husband, boyfriend or brother is the super studly type, going to clubs and such, then the black genuine leather wrist band/cuff from Di Manno Designs is a perfect stocking stuffer for him.
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The POWERCUP On-the-Go Power Supply Cup
PowerCup with Outlets for Car
Ok, this one may be more for me when I need to plug in my laptop for more power in the car, but this power supply cup with outlets can be a great help for your man.
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Removable Toddler or Baby Car Seat Cover
car seat covers for infants, baby and toddlers
Speaking of the car, your hubby might be the one who deals with the car seat when it gets dirty. Founder Katie Danziger was shocked when she realized that she couldn't easily clean her car seat, so invented the nomie baby brand to solve problems for parents. She launched with the nomie car seat cover for babies and toddlers, and it is a time saver and saves on back pain. And now, nomie baby is being carried in the Friends of Katie James online boutique,, and!
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Fish Bottle Opener and Coaster
Fish Bottle Opener with Coaster
For the fisherman in your life, or the rugged outdoorsman, check out these fish coasters with bottle opener.
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100% Kosher Beef T-Shirt
100% Kosher Beef T-shirt
For the meet-lover. Pure, 100% Kosher Beef t-shirt. It's a muscle-t, and you won't see many like it.
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