Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Made a Good 'un - Burger Delish

I've been watching David make the perfect burger. Seems to be in the
freshness, how long you pack it for, when you salt it, etc. I was
pretty hungry after leaving my shared work space In Good Company, and
it's right next to The Shake Shack. Well, even though it's like
50degrees so far this summer, the line was still long. I bought a Kit
Kat and navigated the subways home. I almost ordered a burger from our
new deli thing which really specializes in gyros, but then I
remembered the frozen pound of meat in the freezer. I got out the
Wedding Grill Thing and got to burger flipping. I'll take a side of
mushrooms on that chedder burger.

Oh, please ignore that sad tea kettle in the back. I melted it and
need to get another. :)

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