Friday, May 22, 2009

I Just Wrote in a Journal

And what's even more shocking, is that when I went to get to this blog, I typed in Ahhh! And I really don't even spend that much time in there. I just go to play Farm Town anymore and harvest my crops and make fake money at market when I sell my crops. And say hi to people every now and then. And see what they're doing quick. And click that I 'like' what they just said. And maybe comment. Stop.

When I got the hankering to write in the journal, actually write with a pen with ink, I lamented the fact that I didn't have one. I mean, I actually do have one, and it's a nice leather bound journal I bought on sale at my favorite neighborhood art supply store on Columbia's campus, but I use it as a master todo list system. And then I remembered, the read leather bound journal tucked away on my bookshelf with my special books from authors like Isabelle Allende and the first Harry Potter book I ever bought (the mass market edition). The last entry was a dream and it was from 2007.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, when most of what you do is type, I think the brain begins to be...very front. You're looking at pixels, that are glowing, your mind is traveling in a million places at once because you get so many ideas at once, and you know how to execute them, but then you have to eat lunch or walk your dog or answer an email quick or look at something else or go to your online banking to make sure everything is ok....and so on.

The point is...I'm not sure what my point is anymore because I've gotten distracted by my burger from the Abby Pub which is slowly going cold, and the digital glow in a dark living room may be sapping my brain. And if I'm all about getting back to my roots, I may not want to be sapped. I guess the point is: I wrote in a journal, with a pen that has ink. When I started the blog, I feared that I would stop writing, like, physically not typing. And I like typing, a lot. Don't get me wrong. But something is going on with all of this digital twitter status email pinging everything, that I just wanted paper inside of leather that goes nowhere. Yes, spoken by a girl who is about to trademark the words Socialness and Tweetworking and is about to "twurl this" blog post. :)

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