Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Amazing Copperbrill : and it's so easy!

Copperbrill at work on tarnished copper lid
Copperbrill copper polish goop is about the best thing I have come by in...maybe years. When building our wedding registry, I decided to go for the best. I mean, how many times do you get the chance to be given pots, and don't those pots last for years and years? I used my parent's wedding pots when I was growing up, so apparently these things last for life. So I went for the gold - copper.

Everyone pushed against this, all saying: "It gets so dirty!"

But I thought, if all of the cooking show people use copper, dog-gone-it, I'm going to use copper too. And it's really going to make me cook again. Living in New York puts one in a very bad habit, of sighing at the end of the day, hand to brow, saying: "I can't possibly take the time to cook anything tonight! Let's order chicken burritos!"

So I registered, and received copper pots and pans by the grace of wonderful wedding goddesses, and I could not be happier! There really is a difference in the way they cook! First of all, everything cooks faster!

But this post is about Copperbrill. I've tried polishing copper before, and it wasn't easy. My godmother gave me her old copper bowls that were so tarnished, and I tried polishing them, which was a smelly, labor intensive mess. Hardly any tarnish came off. Then I went to William and Sonoma and tried their Copperbrill copper polish that they raved about.


With just a scoop of the goop, I spread it on the copper, rub it in until it's dry (20 seconds), run under hot water, and rinse with a William and Sonoma special yellow sponge that starts as a piece of cardboard (another amazing product). The picture above shows how I polished one side of the copper lid, in 1 minute. One minute! And it's not smelly, and it's soooo satisfying

I next polished a little copper sauce pan that had already discolored to a yellow brassy color. I rubbed the Copperbrill on it, and the beautiful copper color returned before my eyes. No joke.

I polished my godmother's copper bowls. Boom. Done. Clean.

If you have copper, get this Copperbrill. It is amazing.

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