Saturday, July 19, 2008

ALC Laser Hair Removal :: 12th or 13th Appt? Who can keep track at this point.

Is this my 12th or 13th laser hair appointment with American Laser Centers now? Either we have all fallen pray to the wonderful potential of laser hair removal technology, or American Laser Centers should just not tell people that hair will be totally removed forever. I've seen some kind of hair loss or damage to hair, but not the complete removal they have promised. Click here for a chronological list of my laser posts. It's been 2 years now that I have made time to go to appointments, and all three areas that I am having done - bikini, upper leg, and love trail, are not completely gone. At this rate, my upper leg will never be completely gone of hair. The hair is weaker, and less noticeable. But not gone. The bikini is basically gone, except for one spot that is behind by 2 appointments. But it's way behind.

I think this was my 13th appointment. I must of skipped writing about the 12th appointment out of sheer boredom. What I wanted to tell you about is this: DON'T DRINK COFFEE BEFORE YOU GO. It will be painful. I have experimented enough times with this. Coffee is a stimulant, and it can stimulate sensation. Don't ask me for any studies to back this up, because I haven't done my Google homework. A friend told me this once after an unusually painful waxing session. Well, this laser appointment, I had a delicious fresh cup, and boy was I in pain. So. The beat goes on. Or should I say, laser beam.


sara said...

i'm so glad i came across this! i have been so unhappy with ALC. i'm getting my bikini, under arms, upper lip, and legs below the knees done. my last appointment was probably almost 2 months ago and i have not rescheduled b/c i am not seeing the results i thought i would. i have been going for 2 years now. i have light skin and dark hair - perfect candidate! or so i thought... i have seen no results on my upper lip. bikini and under arms are 80%, legs 50%

i was wondering, have you or anyone else ever experienced numbness from the laser? one time after my leg treatment my one leg was numb for days. and sometimes they feel like pins and needles. it has sort of scared me and i figured lasering your skin cannot be healthy. especially since they don't know the long term effects yet. i appreciate you letting me know!

Mista said...

Hey Sara,
Welcome! I've not felt numbness. Yikes! Keep us posted if you learn more...

Why are these darn legs so stubborn?

Stephanie said...

2 years! i remember when you first signed up and marcelle and i were asking you to take pictures of the procedure.

Mista said...

Hey YOU! Yes, pictures would have made this blog wildly more popular!