Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Princess and the Pea Needs a New Desk Chair

I really may go out an buy a new desk chair. Function-wise, this Ikea one is fine, but I swear, I am getting those veins! I like high chairs, or maybe a stool. I love the swivel desk chair from Pottery Barn, but would love if it came a little bit taller...Meanwhile, I'm sitting on two couch pillows.


Danielle said...

I can't believe its been so long since I left a comment. Yes you really do need a new chair. Your poor back. I meme'd you on my blog. Hope you are doing well!

Mista said...

I know, I miss you! Thanks for the tag! Ok - two things.

1. When I just went to your blog, some big orange daisies popped up, and then disappeared. They were gorgeous! I think they are the background of your blog! I'm on a little screen, so I miss all the fun stuff. Like your new look!

2. Ok, I really need to buy some of your stuff on my next Etsy binge! Tre cute!!

Danielle said...

Yes the daisies are the new background. I love daisies. My favorite flower.

And I'm trying to get my production up to standard. It's hard. I'm trying to be my own slave driver.