Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Laser Hair Removal Followup: Spring Short Shorts

Hello All,
I wore my first pair of short shorts of the season from Lucky Brand. So they were short! I put them on without a care on whether or not I'd had time to shave. Why? Because that double pass from my 11th appointment was effective. Finally, most of the bikini is not coming back. The thighs are much thinner and very stunted. I was able to skip two shaving sessions on them (my calves have not been done).

That's about all there is to tell you. I'm not putting percentages on it yet, because I try to let it grow out to make sure that nothing comes back, but it's hard to let things grow out when there are only a few little guys coming in. The thighs still have a bit to go, but are at least very patchy to the touch, whereas before, no patchy and all continued stubble.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mista...
It's good to find someone online that I feel I could communicate with about this topic.
I live in the city and recently signed a contract with the UWS clinic on 72nd. I came in to do my face (upper lip, chin, cheeks) and ended up signing on for the FULL bikini and underarms, too. The price was very good, so I didn't mind paying a bit extra for those, and I knew I was being "given a deal". Nothing really bothered me until I started reading online about these people. It seems like the horror stories are endless--of people never being refunded, calls not returned, and services not working well. Honestly, I wouldn't mind giving it a shot and even paying for the attempt--but now I'm hearing about girls whose facial hair growth actually INCREASED because of treatments. And no one seems to have had success in getting rid of bikini hair in 6 treatments, as should happen.
What to do?!?!?!??! I went to one treatment on my face a couple of weeks ago but nothing happened. My hair is completely blond, so I thought that was the reason, but now I'm slowly discovering that it may have nothing to do with that AT ALL.
I am so mad at myself for signing up. I even went to a different clinic that refused to do my face because they said it would be unethical and would work for me--but I wanted to get rid of it so bad that I just signed up with ALC. I don't even want to do my bikini THAT BAD... I sorta let it "go on for the ride". Do you think I should ask for a refund now before I really get into things? Maybe the city's consumer advocacy organizations can help or something?
I'm totally lost.

Mista said...

Hi Maya,
Oh dear. As for your face, that's very hormonal, so there are chances that it can come back. I don't know the best approach for it, if any.

Now that you mention it, I did have hair increase on my love trail area, but I know exactly why. The first treatment I got, the technician shaved the area, and did more than skin necessary. She went very quickly, and I died when she quickly shaved areas that had never been shaved before. For me, when that happens, my hair grows in darker, and sometimes coarser. That said, I now have a bit of an abdomen to make sure they hit every time.

As for getting your money back, if you are sure you don't want to go, then I would say give it a try. I have a feeling that they will be reluctant and point to the contract, if you signed one. Did you do financing? If so call the credit card company (usually GE's CARE CREDIT) and ask them if you can be relieved of the rest of payments. If I had used American Express, they are SO good at following up with charges that should not be there. Not sure if they would wipe this for you, but you could try.

For me, the "double pass" has been the most effective. That's when they go over the area twice in one sitting. I am not a doctor, or trained in anything laser. This was just my experience.

Best of luck!!!