Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hunt for the Wedding Shoes : Betsey Johson Finds

Shockingly, I've been forgetting to dream about the wedding shoes. Of course, they have to be super cute, and probably with some color. I have a pair of red patent leather maryjane heels here the apartment, which if I get really stuck, or want an extra special ($$) wedding band, I could do.

So. During this summer evening thunderstorm, which is preventing me from walking out to pick up a to-go burger, I have begun searching at

Wedding Shoe Requirements:
2"-3" heel
No kitten heel. I trip in those every time!
Color, but if something is smashingly cream, that's ok. Dress is cream.
No pointy heel. We'll be in the grass, so a pointy heel will sink!

Betsey Johnson finds:

betsey johnson pink wedding shoe

betsey johnson pink wedding shoe

betsey johnson red wedding shoe bow

John Fluvog

I could replace these laces with tulle!

john fluvog red pump maryjane

Ok, not a shoe, but this bag is very to die for.
john fluvog red black leather bag

What else? What other brands should I look at??


The Pear Project said...

Love the bag! Worth being off topic.

Mama Luxe said...

I'm going to ask my more fashion forward friend to come take a look and see if she has shoe/designer suggestions.

Of the ones you pictured, I like the third Betsy Johnson ones a lot

And I mentioned on twitter I'm liking the idea of the shoes with the tulle replacing the laces...but I'm not sure they're capturing the spirit of the dress, now that I looked at your sketch.

Mista said...

the pear project: Oh, the bag. Love!

mama luxe: I know. I want the tulle laces, but there is something a little dusty about those shoes. Anything red patent leather just gets me every time.

Melissa said...

Oh goodness. All those shoes. They are amazing! Must. Have. Willpower.

Danielle said...

Oooh me love the red Fluvogs. Dorothy in Oz.

SuburbanSweetheart said...

I LOVE the second pair & third of Betseys. OK, & the first, too. In that order. Beautiful!