Saturday, April 19, 2008

Overcome with paper goodness at Barnes & Noble...

It was a Saturday, and I can't lie. There were sooo many more journals and binders than I am used to seeing at the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble! I totally bought $135 worth of journals and magazines. I bought 2 things of Amy Butler designer paper for scrapbooking, and I'm not even a scrapbooker. But I think I'd like to be a scrapbooker, so bought the stuff. The scrapbook desire came from my desire to build a scrapbook of the wedding planning for David and me. The one I ended up getting was a little too small. I did get a binder thing for keeping reciepies in, but it was already broken by the time I got home! So I will return both, and get a larger scrapbook.

Ok, off to cut some paper!

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Danielle said...

I see a couple I'd like but I'm a paper addict.