Thursday, April 03, 2008

Darn Cute Interior Design Blog - Trendspotting

street wall artBetty Newman, creator of the blog Trendspotting, is an expert packager (via The Holding Company). I always knew she was good, but now that she's launched this blog, I see that she's DARN good! I have the pleasure of knowing Betty through the NYC Ladies Who Launch Incubator, and I always recommend her to people who need packaging, but now I'm going to hang out on her blog and just stare at the pictures of trends that she finds! Wall art, pet pillows, clever clothes pins? Omg. Trendspotting is a baby, but it rivals Apartment Therapy in terms of eye candy and great finds! She has found some of the best wall art I've seen. Plus, she's got the inside scoop on all of the great stuff for your interior decorating splurges, or if you need packaging or promo delights...
flower wall art living room

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